A summary of my current activities, participation in events, and publications.

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I won first place in the Draw Your Own Window Comic – Open Call by Drawing the Times!!! My comic title is "Outside my window in rural Sweden" and I am immensely honored - and surprised! - that my comic was chosen as the winner (link).


18-31: I was selected as one of the participants of Laboratório de Zines (Zine Laboratory) by Faísca Lab in my hometown Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In this online project each participant produced a 16-page zine printed in two colours in risograph, so I decided to translate my comic "Living Nowhere", which received the new title of "Na roça da Suécia", in Portuguese. All zines will be available at Faísca Lab's web shop (link).


09-23: My comic "We Want to Move to Another Country" will be part of CBK's exhibition UNCOMICS & [PLACEHOLDER] in Malmö, Sweden. You can even buy a page spread as a print! Opening on the 9th from 19:00 at FISH TANK, Panora Folkets Bio (link).


21-22: This year I will not have a table at the Stockholm International Comics Festival but my work will be present as one of the contributors of C’est Bon Anthology (CBA) at tables YF108 and YF109.


07: I have great news! This month I not only finished my Swedish language courses but also was awarded a one-year working grant by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee! This will allow me to take "Living Nowhere" to the next level and develop it into a graphic novel! Looking forward to dedicating myself to this project and sharing it with everyone.


Christine Heebs wrote an article for Withitgirl about moving to Sweden and VXO Zine Fest in 2021, and she was kind enough to include some of my work in it (link).



I have a short comic called "We Want to Move to Another Country" published in CBA vol 53 Placeholder (link). This month I also finished the Digital Comics course offered by Malmö University in which I developed "Living Nowhere", a comic about my life in the country side of Sweden (link).


02: I made my first ever picture book and it will be released in Brazil! Dona Nenê e o Ipê-amarelo (Ms. Nenê and the Golden Trumpet Tree) tells the story of an old lady who loves nature and does some guerilla gardening in her neighbourhood.


18: I'll be part of the VXO Zine Fest 2021. I'll bring comics, risograph zines and prints. It'll be my first in person event since the beginning of 2020! (link)

From this month I'll start taking a semester long Digital Comics course at the Malmö University, which I'm really looking forward to.


28: My zine 3 Seconds of Happiness (first published in Japanese in the book A Day in The Life) will be part of the event #CIB21 Satellit: Lockdown-Zines / 30 Jahre Renate Bibliothek in Berlin (link).

Moreover I'm working on a watercolour comic which I've been meaning to do since 2017 and crossing my fingers it'll work out!


17: I was featured in the Swedish newspaper Smålandsposten in a series about culture grant recipients and their work. Many thanks to Linna Fogelberg for the interview (link).

11: I am honoured to announce that I was chosen as one of the recipients of the 2021 scholarship from Kronoberg county's cultural committee in Sweden! (link).


01: I illustrated the lead feature of The Believer Magazine summer 2021 issue (136). It's a piece by Tessa Love about oral histories from the California wildfires called "Objects of Fire" (link).


26: Release of CBA's BURNOUT comics anthology online exhibition. Read the first page of my contribution "The Pomodoro Technique" and a preview of many other stories. Printed book also available (link).

07: Release of the comics exhibition The New Frontier, by Swedish collectives Tusen Serier and Hybriden in collaboration with Open Art Week. The exhibition showcases seven new posters-adventures of eight international artists. I made a comic with Felipe Kolb Bernardes reflecting on how easy it is to criticize refugees and asylum seekers when one is in a very comfortable position (link).

01: Release of the comics anthology A Day in the Life 7都市・7人の作家が描く新型コロナウイルス・パンデミック下での、いつもの街の物語. My story "3 Seconds of Happiness" (一瞬の幸せ) depicts my pandemic experience living in an art residency in Sweden which used to be an epidemic diseases hospital. Edited by Yuki Inoue, the book comprises stories from seven artists living in different cities around the world (link).

During the month of May I had the honour to be one of Julia Breckenreid's mentees in a program sponsored by Koyama Press Provides (link).


I'm working on a short comic about constantly moving and then getting stuck, to be published in an anthology later this year.


10: Last year I had the pleasure to collaborate with the charity Open Past in a project which provides free colouring sheets around the theme "what makes us human – caring for and helping others". I illustrated a nursing home for elderly with severe dementia and an ancient configuration of a Sami reindeer village, which you can download for free (link).

09: Toco - The Tokyo Collective was featured in the March 2021 issue of Connect magazine. Thanks a lot to Jessica Craven for the article (link).


02: Release of ToCo - The Tokyo Collective's 4th anthology matsuri. I edited it with Erica Ward and also contributed to this issue with a comic about my experience regarding yukata and festivals in Japan (link).